Adventure Gaming, still alive and kicking

Ah, those good old summer days, where Monkey Island, Day of the Tenticle and Sam & Max eclipsed homework, going out or bodily functions. In todays modern world of unjust war, global warming and Xbox vs Playstation geek battles, there seems to be no room for well written games of the point and click variety.

Fear not! As the underdog of gaming genres is being kept well fed due to a loyal fanbase of gamers and game creators. Checkout the Adventure Game Studio site for a selection of great games as well as the software to create your very own pointy clicky worlds.

I recommend checking out some of Yahtzee games. 5 Days a Stranger (part of a quadrilogy) is a pure unadulterated classic!

5 days


1 Response to “Adventure Gaming, still alive and kicking”

  1. January 22, 2008 at 11:29 am

    It has to be said, pixel-art is coming back in a strange retro style art-form for the masses, well, 12 year olds with nothing more than paint, but as long as it stops them having sex with windows and breaking hookers it’s good enough for me.

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