VectorMagic! Like normal magic, only more nerdy.

I stumbled across a neat little site that allows you to upload any image and then convert it into a vector image. VectorMagic

Here’s an example:


The results are mighty impressive when compared to alternatives such as the Adobe Illustrator trace tool and very useful if you need to convert a low grade pixelly image into something smooth and infinitely zoomable.

Better than a kick in the balls anyway (unless you’re into painful kinky foreplay, if so call: 1800 BLUEBALLS for a good time)


1 Response to “VectorMagic! Like normal magic, only more nerdy.”

  1. January 22, 2008 at 11:30 am

    I rang that number, and it wasn’t what I expected, and ‘Frank’ cost me a fortune, though he’s calling me next time, thanks Tim!

    As fo the actual idea of the vector image, very nice indeed, could help to zoom in on a small part of an original photo without it geting all pixel-like, like it!

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